White Pepper Powder works as a delicate flavor and aroma that enhance the taste of a food or stews radically. It is milder than the black pepper as its consistency of piperine is much less. It is significantly used in making scrumptious soups and tangy sauces.

White Pepper Powder is basically peppercorns which are originated from the pepper plant. The powdered seed is originated from berries which gives an added flavor and aroma to your food.

We offer top quality white pepper powder with a high-quality packaging which surely adds a rich taste to your food. Ojya greyish-white pepper powder has not used synthetic flavor or artificial colors to enhance its appearance or color and taste. It remains fresh for 12-months shelf life which gives your food an everlasting taste and aroma.

India along with South-West Asia is the major producer of this spice with large demand. The spice is harvested in commercial cultivation. The warming spice of OJYA White Pepper Powder makes your taste bud tantalize.

Apart from India, white pepper powder has its reach over China, France, and Japan particularly.  In India, white pepper powder is produced in the Malabar Coast of Kerala during the monsoon season. Hence, Ojya has been branding white pepper power in the most organic way to give a beneficial significance to mankind.

White pepper powder is widely used in the food delicacies of North India. It adds a significant flavor, aroma, and taste to vegetarian dishes. The white pepper powder is also used in non-vegetarian delicacies to give hot biting taste.

It is also widely used in making Chinese sauces and soups. Japanese use it to prepare a popular dish, sukiyaki.

Studies have proven that white pepper powder has also medical significance. It fights against deadly cancer, malaria, stomach upset, and also cholera.

White pepper powder also plays a major role in weight loss program. It considerably burns the extra fats inside the body and thus helps to sculpt your body.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it fights against the deadly organisms which enter our body and can damage the cells.

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Ojya White Pepper Powder comes in two major sizes such as 50gms and 100gms. It also holds the key features such as no MSG content, low in sodium, gluten free, and also dairy free.

Ojya White Pepper Powder processing involves the traditional method. The soil required to grow pepper is not too dry but should contain moisture. The seed is originated from the berries when it fully ripens. The outer covering (black pericarp) of the berries is removed during the process.

After this, the process of the seed is led to fermentation under the heat of the sun. The accurate temperature required to dry the seeds varies from 40-60°C.

After the white peppers are dried completely, it is cleaned and grade under meticulous care. During the grading time, undersized berries are kept separately.

The superior quality white pepper is chosen and powdered to package. Properly stored white pepper powder has a shelf life of about 3-4 years.

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