Kuti Lal Mirch manufacturer and exporter in India

Indian chili plays an important rich flavor in the house of spices. The chili powder consists of an ideal mixture of color and richness. The rich flavor of Kuti Lal Mirch is appreciated and recognized in delicacies made in major parts of the world.

We offer top quality lal mirch kutti with a high-quality packaging which surely adds a rich taste to your food. Our product comes in a purely vegetarian form to make irresistible food in every kitchen. Ojya Kuti Lal Mirch specialty lies in that we don’t add any artificial flavor or colors to make it rich in color and taste.

It is in the purest form with 12-months shelf life which gives your food an everlasting taste and aroma. Our Kuti Lal Mirch comes in a variety of shapes, size, and color which got international recognition as the finest in quality and aroma.

Ojya Kuti Lal mirch is hot spice sourced from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and many others.

With this extraordinary success, Ojya today has over 40 different kinds of spices which give a rich aroma and flavor to the culinary world. The spices are promptly available across the nation with its main production plant situated in Bawana district of North West Delhi.


Ojya Kuti Lal Mirch is processed from the mixture and grinding of different species of red chili. We take key responsibility in bringing our chili from Guntur which is the main hub of spices in the world. Firstly, we clean the chili pod and then it is graded finely under meticulous care.

We provide extra attention to ensure perfect pod to make your food scrumptiously mouth-watering and tasty.


Kuti Lal Mirch is used in the world of culinary. It is used in different cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and Korean. This spice is used to enhance your food flavors and aroma significantly. In other words, this spice is widely used to add rich flavor and pungency to your dishes.

This spice is also widely used as a self-defense mechanism. The hot chili pepper can be used as an ingredient in the paper spray to protect you from unwanted danger. It consists of an inflammatory agent which causes the eyes to burn and led to severe swelling. The paper spray causes temporary blindness, breathing difficulty, and severe pain in eyes.

This spice can also be used as a natural form of pesticides in killing insects and other wide animals. To fight against the insects in your garden, add some chili powder in the water along with few drops of liquid soap. Sprinkle it on the required area for the better result.

In addition to this, this spice has a lot of health benefits which overcomes various health issues. It fights against cancer, increases your immunity power, works as an anti-inflammatory agent, reduces insulin level, and also relieves congestion.


Botanical name: Capsicum annum L., Capsicum frutescens L.

Family name: Solanaceae

Commercial part: Green as well as ripe and dried pod (fruit)

Other Names

Spanish : Pimenton

French : Puvre de Guinee

German : Paprika

Arabic : Filfil Ahmar

Dutch : Spaanse Peper

Italian : Peperone

Portuguese : Pimento

Russian : Struchkovy pyeret

Japanese : Togarashi

Chinese : Hesiung Yali chiao

Hindi :Lal – Mirch

The packaging of Ojya Kuti Lal Mirch is available in a plastic bag, container, loose packaging, and PP bag. The packaging size is also available in different sizes such as 50 gm, 200g, 100kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and 50kg.

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