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Kasuri methi or dried fenugreek leaves are an aromatic herb. The greens are used for seasoning in cooking. It has herby, sharp, and smoky flavor. The leaves taste a mild bitter in taste which resembles a combination of celery and fennel. One may get the identical flavor as crushed peas in combination with celery flakes and maple syrup.

Kasuri methi is known as Holba, menthe koora, and venthaya keerai in varied regions of India. The various parts of the world too acknowledge fenugreek by different names.

The dry green methi leaves are called Kasuri or Kasturi. Interestingly, it named after the region which produces most flavorsome methi, Qasoor. The region lies in Punjab province of Pakistan now.

Kasuri methi is a fundamental spice in Turkish, Indian, Egyptian, and Persian food. If you are a diehard fan of Asian cuisine Ojya Kasuri Methi is must in your condiment box.

The aroma and medicinal value make it a significant ingredient in the household. It gives a tempting aroma when added to vegetables.  The crumbled flakes sprinkled on flatbreads enhances the taste of them. The best thing to do online is shopping the spices online. The Kasuri methi at Ojyus moves in a perfect supply chain system.

Sourcing and Processing:

Ojya Kasuri methi is a premium quality dried fenugreek leaves. These come directly from the farmers of Northern India. The handpicked leaves are sorted and dressed under robust supervision. They are passed in the blast of hot air under controlled condition. The cautious process maintains the authentic taste and odor of fenugreek.

Kasuri methi can be added to marinades, dips, stews, and many others. Dry fenugreek leaves teams nicely with potatoes, pumpkin or eggplant.

Rajasthan is one of the top consumers of Kasuri methi. It is available everywhere in the state. Look for the dried methi leaves in grocery stores or buy it online.

Since Kasuri methi has a very strong fragrance so cautious of not using it in large quantity. Adding the aromatic leaves in small quantity gives a mouth-watering restaurant like aroma and taste to the dish. Yet, the usage quantity depends on personal choices.

Soak Ojya Kasuri Methi in boiling hot water for 10 minutes before mixing it in the curries. This is the traditional method of using it.

Hand pounded Kasuri methi leaves are very fragrant. If a recipe wants Kasuri methi powder, toast dry leaves, take a teaspoon full of it on palm and rub to crush. Add this to meat or veggie or pulses or spicy curries to finish.

Use a lesser quantity of powder otherwise; methi fragrance will overpower other flavors.

Methi leaves powder is also used for garnishing.

Spanish: Alholva

French: Fenugrec

German: Bockshorklee

Hindi: Kasuri methi

English: Fenugreek

Swedish: Bockshornklee

Arabic: Hulba

Dutch: Fenegriek

Italian: Fieno Greco

Portuguese: Alforva

Russia: Pazhitnik

Japanese: Koroha

Chinese: K’u – Tou

The dry herb is packed in 25 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram, and 500-gram. These may be

  1. A container pack
  2. A tamper-proof pack

The sealed pack retains the freshness for 6 months.

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