Kashmiri Red Chili Powder manufacturer and exporter in India

Ojya Kashmiri Red Chili Powder comes in the finest form which gives a very bright colour to your food. Kashmiri Chili is less pungent but the colour retention is very high in it. The new Kashmiri chili powder from Ojya tends to be less spicy but leaves a soothing red colour appearance to your Indian dishes.

The Kashmiri red chili powder is used in every kitchen for making fish curry, chicken curry, mutton curry, and other delightful food delicacies. This spice has a high impact in making scrumptious tandoori dishes of North India. It also exhibits a very pleasant aroma and flavour in your food which leaves an everlasting impression on your guests.

Kashmiri chilli powder is available in nearby grocery stores and online. They are sold by names such as Kashmiri mirch or Degi mirch.

The spice has a quick ability to absorb everything whether it is oil or a surface of the meat. Though this spice is made from red chili yet it is non-spicy in nature. Ojya Kashmiri Red Chili Powder can be defined in various shapes, size, and colours.

Kashmiri chili is widely used in a variety of cuisines such as Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and also Korean. It can substitute for cayenne pepper. In this way, it adds a rich flavour, aroma, and taste to your Indian dishes significantly.

Kashmiri Red Chili Powder contains a high content of Vitamin A and C properties which provide many health benefits. Thus, it helps to improve immunity system as well as the digestive system. It also cleanses our body inwardly due to its detoxifier agent.

Kashmiri Red Chili Powder is significantly used for making the best culinary Indian dishes. It is best used for making different kinds of North Indian tandoori dishes.

This spice is also used in making different kinds of soups, sauces, stews, and curry in particular.

This spice generates heat in the body which leads to calorie burning.

Ojya Kashmiri Red Chili Powder is available in various packaging sizes such as 50gms, 100gms, 500gms, and also in big jars. Kashmiri red chili from Ojya is the best quality chilli powder which can be consumed on a daily basis. Beside this, Ojya brings out various packaging features such as the container, loose packaging, PP bag, drums, and the plastic bag.

Ojya Kashmiri Chili Powder involves both manual harvesting and mechanical harvesting. Manual harvesting involves hand-picking by the harvesters who pick high-quality chillies carefully. After this, the chillies are naturally dried under the heat of the sun. The minimum time required for sun drying is about 5 to 15 days.

The temperature used for drying the seeds of Kashmiri red chilli varies from 65-75°C. After this, sorting and grading of the chili is involved based on its maturity, colour, and size.

With this the whole processing of the red chilli ends. It is the bright and top graded that bring out the best Kashmiri red chilli powder across India.

Our professionals handle the processing of the chilli powder under meticulous care. Our Kashmiri chilli powder is recognized for its longer shelf life, dairy free, organic, purity, no MSG content, and lastly rich in taste and aroma.

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