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Ginger is one of the indispensable seasonings used in Indian cuisine. It is an irregular shaped rhizome grown as a perennial plant. India, China, Nigeria, and Peru cultivate ginger. Hence, the spice is used liberally in oriental cuisine and bakery products.

Dry ginger powder is a strong fragrant spice which results from drying ginger root. The warm and sharp-flavored yellowish powder is an important product. It is used as a flavoring agent giving an exotic yet mild taste to curries and stew.

Dry ginger has thermogenic properties; hence consume it in moderation. Winter is the right season to consume desiccated ginger powder.

Ginger has an interesting story associated with it which few know. The spice was considered very valuable equal to black pepper in earlier times. A pound of it was enough to buy a sheep!

Sourcing and Processing:

Ojya offers a range of powdered Indian spices. Ground ginger is made from the handpicked produce from Cochin and Calicut. Fresh ginger roots are soaked in water overnight, the brown peel is removed and sun-dried for almost a week.

To powder run the dried chunks in the mixer. The fine powder is off-white in color. We do not use any bleaching agent to make the ground product whiter. Ginger powder packs are available in 50 grams and 100 grams packing.

The dry ginger powder from Ojya retains the same freshness as that at the time of packing. It has a shelf life of a year. Store in a cool dry place.

Ginger powder has culinary, beauty and medicinal benefit. The dried and fine powder is used in face packs for acne. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of ginger unclog pores. This also results in youthful clearer skin. Ginger powder and lavender toner keep the skin hydrated.

There is a huge demand for dry ginger powder in the European market. It is widely used in Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. Powdered ginger makes any dish special and has the ability to turn any vegetable into a treat.

Slight lemon-like fragrance, balmy and engaging flavor of dry ginger powder is used well in Ginger ale, gingerbread, and cookies.

The ginger powder is popular for the nutritional value than its role as a flavoring agent.

Use of ginger and powdered dry ginger in tea is the most popular culinary use of it. Ginger tea is an effective remedy for cold and indigestion. Dry ginger powder along with jaggery is an effective cure for jaundice. Studies have proven that it helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Ginger (Hindi: Adrak) is identified by diverse names across the world.

Spanish: Jengibre

French: Gingembre

German: Ingwer

Swedish: Ingefara

Arabic: Zanjabil

Dutch: Gember

Italian: Zenzero

Portuguese: Gengibre

Russian: Imbir

Japanese: Shoga

Chinese: Chiang

Ginger is very important in traditional Ayurveda. The root has therapeutic properties. It effectively relieves nausea, digestive problems, cold, motion sickness, pain relief, respiratory problems etc.

There are many names for dried ginger in varied regional languages of India. They are

Hindi: Sonth

Telugu: Sonti

Kannada: Shunti

Gujarati: Soonth

Marathi: Suntha

50 gms, 100 gms

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