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Ojya Coriander Powder is an essential spice in the delicacies of Indian cuisine to enrich the dish more precisely. Coriander Powder contributes a dynamic taste, flavor, and aroma to the Indian dishes. It is believed to be one of the oldest seasonings.

Coriander Powder has been recognized both as a natural spice as well as an organic herb for the healthy growth of mankind. Dhaniya powder as it is called in Hindi; Coriander Powder with the right proportion gives body to any curry.

Dhaniya powder is called Kottambari puḍi in Kannada, Kottamalli thool in Tamil, and Dhāṇā pāvaḍara in Gujarati.

The coriander powder tastes like a mix of lemon and sage. Ojya coriander powder is high-grade, fresh green spice. Sprinkling pinches of coriander powder enhance the taste of Indian curry much.

Being a key ingredient in Indian cuisine its production is spread across the nation such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

The use of coriander powder in Indian delicacies gives a characteristic flavor to every kind of Indian food delicacies. Our product comes in the purest form. No saw dust or synthetic color is added to it. Ojya coriander powder tastes natural.

Coriander Powder helps to prevent food indigestion, bowel spasm, nausea, upset stomach, joint pain, toothaches; loss of appetite, measles etc. It also helps in reducing the insulin level in a balancing way.

Above all Ojya Coriander Powder brings out the fresh aroma and flavor in the food that makes your food significantly tantalizing.

The Mediterranean herb was considered an aphrodisiac. Later the Romans introduced its roles as a seasoning agent in food.


The greener and healthier coriander seed are picked and completely dried before they are processed. In this way, the seed containing adequate moisture is completely dehydrated. The temperature used for drying the seeds of coriander powder varies from 80-90°C. Thus, 2 days is the maximum time to complete the process of drying of the coriander seeds.

After the seeds dry out completely then it is ground fine under thorough care. Keep the ground coriander sealed in an air-tight glass container in a parched place. We provide extra attention to warrant quality to make your food scrumptious.

Coriander Powder with cumin powder works as a key ingredient to enhance the flavor and aroma of Indian curries. This spice is widely used to add thickness and pungency to your dishes.

Coriander Powder also has the medical significance which gives numerous health benefits to mankind. It is also used to prevent food poisoning in Indian curry. Drinking coriander seed water regularly reduces the suffering in hypothyroidism.

To increase the flow of breast milk a lactating mother should consume coriander powder.

It has its uses as a flavoring agent in tobacco, soap, perfume, and also cosmetics.

In various foreign languages, the condiment is named as-

Spanish: Culantro

Swedish: Koriander

French: Corriandre

Arabic: Kuzhbare

German: Koriander

The packaging of OJYA Coriander Powder is available in a jar, and also in loose packaging of 50 gms, 100gms, 200gms, 500gms, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and 50kg.

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